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Depression - into light
Although represented as a pack of cards, the Tarot really is something quite different.   
The art of reading cards dates back hundreds of years. It originated from Italy, and was used as a way of telling the fortunes of those who sought out the reader.

 However today, thanks mainly to films and the media, Tarot is viewed as something to be wary of.  This is so not true....

Tarot is a wonderful tool, that is linked very strongly with psychic abilities and mediumship. By using cards, picked by the person asking the questions, guidance can be given, and answers found.   Many people call on me for a reading when they are looking for guidance.  They have often looked in the usual places, but have not found the answer they seek.   Tarot will always give you an honest answer, and guide you in a way that  no other source can.

Taror and spiritual energyI have been reading cards for a long, long time and feel passionate about this art form. My readings are never rushed, and honesty is always top of my priorities.  

If you need guidance, help or just someone to point you in the right direction, then give me a call, and Ill ask the cards for you, you never know what may come up..

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