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Reflexology and understanding how to look after yourself will increase  your peace and tranquility
Reflexology is a non-invasive treatment performed on the feet and sometimes on the hands. This holistic therapy uses manipulation with pressure of varying degrees.
The art of reflexology must not be confused with a basic foot massage or general body massage.
Reflexology focuses on areas of the feet that correspond with all body parts.
reflexology creates calmness, well being and a sense of healthThe pressure applied during reflexology stimulates the movement of energy along the pathways, through the use of a specific finger and thumb massage technique. The relationship between you and your practitioner is significant, as this is an important aspect of the healing process. The practitioner aims to 'kick start' the client's natural healing process.
The body is programmed to naturally heal itself and this is an ongoing process whether it is a cut, bruise or broken bone. The body's systems all work together to ensure this happens to maintain balance and maximum effect and when one system is running not as effectively as it should be the other systems work harder to compensate and try to achieve balance.
Reiki Hands on healing and energy at jeannieb holistics
The treatment provides benefit to clients, with both emotional and physical conditions with the aim to promote natural healing of body, mind and spirit to bring about a state of poise.
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