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Learn to control the energy in your being with Reiki Training   This is the second level and is necessary for those who wish to practice or to enhance and strengthen their healing.     The teachings include the Usui Sanskrit Symbols which refine, focus and maximize the energy flow. 

You will  be taught scanning, beaming and distant healing techniques.
Learn to give Reiki through Reiki Training and you will learn to trust your own abilities which will help you to reach for perfect calmness      The second degree allows you to practise Reiki professionally, but it is also very beneficial for your personal use.     The Second Degree Reiki constitutes a deeper commitment to the Reiki energy. 

    In the Second Degree Workshop you are given three sacred symbols, or keys, each having a specific function.  

The Reiki energy it's in your hands, so why not develop it with Reiki Training       
You will receive the Power Symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol and the Distance Symbol. These symbols were put into your aura during the First Degree Attunements. What happens during the Second Degree Attunements is that these symbols are brought into your conscious awareness, enabling you to have much more flexibility in your use of Reiki, in healing and transformation for self and others. 
nature shows you the way   The keys, or symbols, help to focus your mind so that Reiki energy can be sent beyond time and space, and much more. 

Course Content Includes:
  • Meditation.
  • Second Degree Attunement.
  • Forming the symbols.
  • Uses of the symbols and mantras
  • Absent healing techniques.
  • Healing the past.
  • Empowering future goals and events.
  • Scanning and beaming.
  • Aura cleansing and protection.

Each student will receive:
  • A Reiki II manual.
  • The Reiki II certificate.

Taught over two days, Reiki II is  more involved.  
You will have the opportunity to  practice  with your tutor to ensure that you are confident with the use of the symbols, and hand positions.
You can use this opportunity to raise any questions you may have and check that your work and energy are satisfactory.

Reiki II is a professional qualification which will require you to purchase practitioner  insurance.  You will also adhere to the Code of Conduct of Holistic Practitioners.

An understanding of Basic Counselling and Anatomy and Physiology is desirable, but this can be covered on the Reiki II workshop.

The Cost of Reiki II Training is
£185.00 - a deposit of £85.00 is required upon booking.

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