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What is a Lymphatic Facial ?

jeannie b offers a calm environment creating relaxation The human body has many systems in place to aid in detoxification, protection and overall health. Two of these systems work directly with the skin (in addition to internal organs) to maintain health and balance.   
The lymphatic system works throughout the entire body, and moves fluid called lymph between the skin and the muscles. It consists of organs, ducts, and nodes that work to assist the circulatory system, transporting a watery clear fluid called ‘lymph’ that distributes immune cells throughout the body and drains excess fluid and waste proteins from the skin as well as all the body’s cells and tissue. 
When lymph gets blocked due to poor lymphatic circulation, we are more vulnerable to illness and infection, and waste proteins start to build up.
Lymphatic drainage massage can be helpful in addressing a wide range of conditions. 
  • It can reduce fatigue, 
  • menstrual cramps, 
  • cellulite and water retention,  
  • sinusitis and hay fever allergies
  • Congestion from Colds/flu
  • Sinus problems

Who Benefits from this Treatment

Lymphatic facial massage is beneficial to all..   However,  For those suffering from sinus infections, Lymphatic drainage procedures can remove much of this congestive material from around the facial area.  
It allows the body's own healing systems to do what it is intended to do.

Massage at jeannie b holistics will help with stress management and release aches and painsBenefits are usually felt within a very short space of time, and with regular use, 
this type of facial can offer long term benefits.


Reiki eneegy also known as palm healing - training at jeannieb holisitcs is always available and treatments are affordable
This relaxing treatment is carried out in a quiet warm room.  You will be asked to lay on a treatment bed, and the therapist will gradually work through the lymph system, beginning at the back of the neck, through to the head area and continuing on into the face and jaw line.

                    Gentle movements and pressure iwill be used, which encourages the lymph glands to work a little harder, therefore reducing the toxins that have built up in the body.

     The whole treatment will take roughly 45 mins from beginning to end, after care advice will be given upon completion.

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