Jean Baker - Reiki, Reflexology, Indian Head, Hopi Ear Candling, Tarot
Holisitc therapies such as Reiki, Indiann Head Massage and Reflexology creates a feeling of transquilityI would like to introduce myself to you as a woman of many years who has lived  in the beautiful city of Bristol all her life, and I am very proud to be a true Bristolian.   I have a deep passion for the natural world and everything that exists in it, and will never cease to be amazed at the wonders that Mother Nature bestows upon us daily,  my hope is that one day mankind will learn to respect this amazingly spectacular world and allow all of creation to live in harmony. 
After leaving school I began working  as a legal secretary, before moving on to motherhood.  This was  followed by 18 enjoyable years in the field of education - working with children who needed emotional support in order to control their behaviour.  During this time I was drawn more and more into the world of Spirituality, and began training as a therapist in alternative treatments.

Energy connection through Reiki can create a unity with the natural worldMy very long and interesting journey brought me to where I am today, it has not always been easy, and the road sometimes took me to some dark and scary places, but I believe this journey will continue for many more miles to come, and every step will teach me something new.  My compassion for others has grown from these lessons, and because of this I always enjoy helping those who are in need of support and guidance in either a physical, emotional or spiritual way.
Nowadays I am thankful for whatever life offers me, I look forward to each and every moment of each and every day, and hope that in some small way, I can make a difference to the lives of those I come into contact with. 
Watching nature encourages a client to feel calm - Reiki can help with patience
"Listen to all the teachers in the woods.           
   Watch the trees, the animals and all living things    - you'll learn more from them than books"
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